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Helga creates commissioned paintings for individuals, both children and adults. The paintings are meditation and intuition paintings that give strength, blessings, energy and joy. The individual commissioned painting can portray and remind people of the magnificence that dwells within each person.

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The commissioned painting can evoke feelings of protection and emanate healing energies into the life of the person it is made for. It will furthermore reflect signs of the individual’s inner wisdom, compassion and strength. It will bring messages and affirmations in forms of colors, symbols and the energy that stems from the painting. It can be meditated upon and used as a positive life affirmation whenever looked at.
The commissioned painting is ordered by making an appointment with Helga. She will meet you either at her studio or at her home. It is also possible to have a phone meeting or use Skype if the order is coming from outside Iceland.

The conversation with Helga will help to reveal the underlying wish and purpose you have for the painting. If the painting is intended for a third party, Helga will need a photograph of that person.
Afterwards Helga will meditate with your description in mind, pray and affirm to the great source of all there is, that she may receive the energy needed and that forms and the colors of light may flow through her. Helga asks that the painting may reflect energy of love and joy, be transforming and awaken the intuition of the receiver.

The paintings reflect on the essence of all there is and reveal how that energy expresses itself in multiple ways. If a personal paining is to fulfill its purpose we must be willing to recognize and open up to the many ways we receive messages from the universe.

Note that sizes and prices vary. The payment methods are flexible in order for everyone to be able to receive a painting from Helga



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