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"Helga's work demonstrates the gifts that come through us when we trust our intuition. Her work gives us the courage and inspiration to share who we are with each other and in the process learn more about ourselves."                            
- Julia Balzer Riley, RN, MN, HNC

“When I first saw Helga’s paintings they touched my soul essence.  After I watched her paint, I completely understood why they had this impact on me. Her aura changes significantly whilst creating her paintings. She connects to a higher frequency.  Her paintings bring me a deep feeling of peace and compassion.”  
- Ragnheiður Ólafsdóttir, aura painter and clairvoyant

“The paintings disclose a world that not everyone sees.  That is why they appear newfangled and widen up the horizon of the watcher.  One can look at the paintings as a window to the hidden world.” 
Úlfur Ragnarsson, M.D.

“My painting helps me to connect with my higher self. It inspires me and brings me peace.” 
- Viðar Aðalsteinsson, hypnotherapist and EFT specialist

“Helga’s paintings bring brightness and warmth. They give insight into realms of light and can connect us with the inner being.”
- Erla Stefánsdóttir, piano teacher and clairvoyant

“I was at the hospital waiting nervously to have a big operation when I received my painting from Helga.  I sensed the affects of the painting immediately and felt clearly as if I was seeing a guardian that was there to stay. I felt the healing power and compassion streaming from the painting. It gave courage and a sense of security, and I underwent the operation without fear and I believe that the painting helped me recover quicker. I use my painting a lot when I meditate and it gives me strength and vigor.”
- Sigríður Bachmann, photographer

“I was giving a man a private reading when I suddenly felt energy of compassion. At first I thought it was connected to the man, that he had a big heart, but than I see a woman appear, that brings to my attention that the compassionated flow is coming from Helga’s yellow painting that had recently been hung up above the desk at the Icelandic Psychology Research Foundation. When I looked at the painting I see golden white rays streaming from the painting and again I sense this enormous compassion. ”
- Þórunn Maggý Guðmundsdóttir, clairvoyant

“When I watch Helga’s pictures I travel immediately into the spiritual worlds. These worlds open my eyes and remind me of the greatness of existence. I enjoy having access to all that beauty.”
-Rúna Bouius, Los Angeles, USA

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