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Helga’s paintings emanate serenity, beauty and joy in numerous private homes both in Iceland and other countries. Public houses, organizations and institutions also own her art.

Over the years Helga has held original and creative exhibitions. As wide a part as opening an exhibition with big and powerful acrylic paintings at a fitness centre in Reykjavik to exhibiting sensitive pastel pieces at Hornstrandir, a nature reserve in the West Fjords of Iceland. There she exhibited her art series Faces of Peace and the paintings were in beautiful coherence with the mystical surroundings, the silence and the wild nature. In the year 2000 Helga traveled to New Mexico US and exhibited her art, and in 1998 she had an online exhibition.

Helga has participated in diverse group exhibitions and the one that stands out is the exhibition Message to the Earth that was held in 1996 at the roots of Mount Hekla, an active volcano in Iceland.
The diversity of exhibition types and locations makes it possible for Helga’s art to be accessible to more people. The beauty and the message of peace and compassion that is reflected in Art of the Soul will always circulate freely and flow effortlessly to us all.

Private exhibitions:

2016  The Library, Hveragerdi

2015  Grensáskirkja church, Reykjavik

2013  Energia Smáralind, Kopavogur

2012  "Cultural Night"Pedersen suite Gamla bíó, Reykjavík

2012  Cafe Loki, Reykjavik

2011  AYNI summit, Hotel Edda ML / Laugarvatn

2010  Nýjaland, health clinic and healingschool, Seltjarnarnesi

2010  Skemman Hvanneyri

2005  The Center of Compassion, Reykjavik

2005  Hotel Hellnar, Snæfellsnes

2004  The House of Feng Shui /Tea house-boutique-center, Reykjavik

2004  Hesteyri – Glacierfjords West peninsula Iceland

2000  AHNA Conference (The American Holistic Nurses Association), New Mexico

1998  Online art exhibition

1997  Kaffi Krókur /Coffee Resturant, Saudarkrokur

1997  Theosophical Society, Akureyri

1997  World Class Fitness center, Reykjavik

1995  Á næstu grösum /Vegeterian Resturant, Reykjavik

1995  The Scool of Singing Art, Reykjavik

1994  Gerduberg Art Museum, Reykjavik

1994  The Land of Hope Abberation Clinic, Egilsstadir

1993  Psychology Research Foundation, Keflavik

1993  Gerduberg Art Museum, Reykjavik

1991  House of Electric Power, Egilsstadir

1991  The National and Art Museum, Husavik

1991  Snæfellsás /New Age festival, Hellnar Snæfellsnes

1991  Trade Union House, Eskifirdi

1990  The National and Art Museum, Husavik

1990  Museum of Photography, Reykjavik

1989  Junior college, Egilsstadir

Group Exhibitons:

2013  Hafnarborg, Hafnarfirði

2010  Heimsljós festival, Mosfellsbæ

2005  Gullkistan /Art festival, Laugarvatn

1997  Angel Mass at the Art Museum, Selfoss

1997  The Icelandic Nurses Foundation Conference

1996  Message to the Earth at the roots of Mount Hekla, active volcano in Iceland

1990  Culture Exhibit, Fellabær

1988  Culture Exhibit, Egilsstadir

1986  Vin Restaurant, Akureyri



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