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Art of the Soul is one of the passages for Light to express itself on Earth in order to help people realize their Divine Essence and all the wisdom, strength and magnificence that each and every human being possesses. We are all ONE.

Helga’s art depicts the human inner experience, the awareness of the now, the connection to the inner core, the soul, the higher Self and the collective consciousness ~ Universal God ~ God within.
Helga refers to her art as being intuitive. Her paintings create a world of ‘inner being’ that reflects experiences without words. These paintings of ‘inner being’ give insight into the many levels of existence and touch the spectator’s intuition.

Helga makes her art after meditating where the creative flow of intuition and the colors of light are present. All sounds, words, forms and colors carry in them the particular vibration of their contents, affecting our state of being. Colors and beauty strengthen and elevate our spirits and connect us in a wondrous way to the rhythm of the universe.

Helga is very grateful for being allowed to participate in bringing forth beauty and light into the world through her paintings. We are all united into one in some magnificent reality of oneness. We help each other on the path that leads to self-realization and to find out who we are and what we can accomplish. One of the great masters Dwjal Kuhl said, that when we are free from ego we embody the true essence of God. These words are felt deep inside as the truth and are reflected in Helga’s paintings of ‘inner being’, or the Art of the Soul.
The sooner we help each other aspire to more knowledge and love, the better it will be for everyone to live here on Earth. Most of us desire in our hearts to express our higher Self in our lives, and to become more conscious of the power within. We can bring the higher energy into our material vessel, the body, and speak with the all-embracing presence of understanding, acceptance and joy. Our awareness can be awakened to the power of transformation that breathes within us.

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