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About Helga


“When I was a little girl I loved spending time in nature, especially by the sea, watching the birds with my dog. I sensed a connection to all that surrounded me, I vividly remember one night in particular. In Iceland the summer nights are very bright. It was already 1 a.m. and my friend and I were playing a game trying to capture butterflies into the palms of our hands. When we succeeded we made a wish and then set the butterflies free again. I had a wonderful feeling that I was one with everything. Throughout my childhood a growing feeling of love towards Earth and all of nature and how it unfolds became rooted in my heart.” Helga Sigurðardóttir

The Story

The arts have always been an integral part of Helga’s life.  Her artistic abilities and talents surfaced when she was only a child and early on she started experimenting with different styles within visual arts. For the most part Helga has been her own teacher and her talents and skills have been developing and maturing through many years of practice. She has attended various visual art courses, both in her native Iceland and abroad. A workshop taught by Dr. Yuri Bobrov, a Russian specialist in the field of iconic artwork, and another one taught by the Austrian artist Detel Aurand, are two particular ones with a special meaning to her.

In her quest for expanded understanding for life, existence and the experiencing of the mystic worlds, Helga has studied Eastern and Western mysticism and various methods for human development. In the years 1972-1982 she and her husband studied yoga philosophies with Zophanias Peturson, swami Dhamananda. The lectures were held in Reykjavik, but during the summer months the Yogaschool was operating nearby the powerful glacier of Snæfellsnes at Arnarstapi. During these years Helga connected to her inner being, leading to her ongoing studies of esoteric theories and methods for healing. This quest and diligence to inner connectedness has reflected to her that the essence of all is One. How each and everyone of us looks at life, experiences and interprets it, is based on the maturity of each soul and it’s place in the existence of the outer in inner worlds.

The year 1989 was a transformational one for Helga as an artist. Her sense and connection with the universal energies and the power of creativity intensified. Her paintings started portraying beautiful messages from higher realms and her genre was set on esoteric paintings she calls Art of the Soul.

The Now

For many years now, Helga has created artwork centered on the beautiful all-embracing theme of One’s Higher Self found within our hearts and souls. Therefore she refers to them as ‘paintings of Inner Being’ to best convey the messages they bring. Helga creates her paintings after and whilst meditating on the collective Oneness.  This interconnection between all there is has been Helga’s most influential energy.  The mesmerizing force of the Icelandic nature and the love for her family, her beloved husband, two daughters and mother, has had a great influence on her paintings as well.

Helga is a registered nurse (RN) and in 1987 she advanced her formal education with a degree in management. She is a certified rebirthing facilitator, an alternative method aimed at healing the emotional body. For 15 years she has been teaching her workshop Colors of Light where she leads participants through meditation that connects them to the healing energy of colors. This process encourages the participants to open up their souls to the flow of creativity through painting.

Being in the Now is magnificent, and the realities of our existence are countless and wondrous. This depth of understanding is the core essence in Helga’s artwork and what she invites her fellow travelers to experience with her.


Art of the soul helga@artofthesoul.is +354 691 1391